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My inventions and patents

The essence of patents on sailing ships is described in more detail in the book "Dynamics of sailboats with free thrust vector" (see My books - no collaborators).

№2398708 Sailing vessel 2010 y

№79517 Sailing vessel (utility model) 2009 y

№1511353 Multi-span beam prestressed system 1989 y

№1786382 Installation for testing structures for pure bending 1992 y

№802473 Anchoring device for tension reinforcement 1980 y

№1458537 Device for strengthening reinforced concrete roof beams 1988 y

№1472820 Metod for monitoring the stress state of concrete and reinforced concrete structures 1988 y

№1409738 Overlapping 1988 y

№1276785 Device for strengthening prefabricated elements of a multi-span structure 1986 y