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1. The origin and zeroing of the Universe from the point of view of the theory of absolute white and black engines.

Moscow "Techpolygraphcenter", 1999. - 125 pp.

   The book gives the theory of absolute white and black engines, gives the design and calculation of non-reactive, inertialess propulsion, offers a version of the origin of the universe.

   Absolutely white engines (SABD) are designed to produce energy without the need for raw materials and in the absence of production waste. The engines do not require natural flows of sunlight, wind, rivers, etc.

   Absolutely black engines (SACHD) perform the opposite function. They are intended for zeroing energy without the need for raw materials and in the absence of production waste. Also, natural flows of sunlight, wind, rivers, etc. are not required.

   The proposals made in the book have one significant drawback: because of the complexity of the designs and operating principles, the manufacture of engines of the SABD and SACHD is not possible in the foreseeable future. These engines and theories built on their basis can have only theoretical significance.

      The problem of the practical implementation of the SABD and SACHD engines was solved after 20 years and is described in the BBM book (see the BBM page). The engines proposed in this book can be manufactured today in modern factories.


2.  Dynamics of sailboats with free thrust vector

Moscow, "Technicalpolygraphcenter", 2008. - 385 pp.

   The book offers designs, operating principles and calculation methods for sailing ships that can move due to wind energy in any direction, including strictly against the wind. This was achieved by replacing the existing static scheme of the work of the elements of propulsion of sailing ships with a dynamic one. It is proved that a vessel with sails and keels that are mobile relative to the hull has better speed indicators than a traditional one with a fixed scheme of operation of these elements.

   You can read more about this book at the following link


3.  Moments.   Moscow.  "Sputnik +", 2011 - 187 pp.

   The first part of the book proposes a flat span structure for covering or overlapping a building. The design consists of separate linear beam elements, each of which works only for shear. There is no bending in the span structure, as well as in its individual elements. Thus, it was possible to replace the bend with a pure shear in the structure that overlaps the span. The design can work provided that it is supported on four or three sides of the contour. The book provides a methodology for calculating such structures.

   The second part of the book examines the work and calculation of gyroscopes. Theorems are given on the possibility of moving a force to an arbitrary point in space without creating a moment. The concept of a moment-stable body is given, the possibility of non-reactive creation of a kinetic moment or zeroing of an existing one is proved.


4.  Gyroscopy and non-reactivity. Moscow "Sputnik +", 2012 .-- 171 pp.

  The book presents the results of studies of the mechanism and physical nature of the processes that determine the precession of mechanical gyroscopes. It is proved that the gyroscopic moment is formed by the combination of inertial forces from the portable rotation and Coriolis accelerations. The mechanisms of the onset and termination of precession are disclosed. The analysis of the equilibrium conditions by the moments and forces of the gyroscope during the precession. A technique is proposed for the exact calculation of the regular gyroscope precession for any angle between the axis of proper rotation and the axis of the precession.

   The possibility of forming a non-reactive static moment is proved. Given the concept, design and calculation of momentarily stable bodies (MUT).


5.  Material Wave Transformation

Moscow, "Technicalpolygraphcenter", 2016 .-- 285 pp.

   The book discusses various options for the transformation of material waves into linear flows and vice versa. The inertial and reactive forces arising at the same time, force impulses are studied, formulas for calculating these quantities are proposed. It is proved that at a constant wavelength as a result of transformations, the momentum of mass movement within each half-wave remains constant. The systematization of waves and options for their transformation is performed. Formulas for calculating some parameters are derived, which later (see BBM) were used in developing the theory of calculating material waves.



1.  On water, as on dry.   Moscow,  "Technicalpolygraphcenter",  2000 y - 23 pp.

   The brochure discusses the features of a new design of water skiing and running techniques that allow you to stand and move on water due to only the muscular strength of a person - without the help of an engine, wind, tow boat or sea wave. The skis are made in an inflatable version and have a special embossed surface to push off from the water. Ski poles are equipped with floats, through which you can maintain balance, rely on water, push off from it.

   You can read more about water skiing for walking and running at the following link